Photography Workshops

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Just recently, I’ve seen a few posts on social media from people complaining about photography workshops they’ve been on. Having recently been on a workshop in the Yorkshire Dales, run by Lizzie Shepherd and Oliver Wright, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the subject.
This was the second workshop I’ve been on, the first being back in February, with David Ward and I can unreservedly say I’ve very much enjoyed both of them.

Now I’m sure there are lots of different workshop formats, but both of the ones I’ve been on have been held in a very relaxed style. There has been lots of time to explore the locations visited and get some great images. If you want the advice of the organiser it’s there, but if you just want to spend the day with some like-minded people that’s fine as well.
Neither of the workshops I’ve been on have been of the ‘plant your tripod here, set that camera like this and you’ll get the image on page x of the book by Mr Y’ sort. No, what you get is some gentle tips that if you try this you might get a better image, along with some subtle tips which you often don’t realise until you get home.

So, that’s my thoughts. Would I recommend it? Most certainly from the experiences I’ve had, but please go along with an open mind, be prepared to join in, and respect the wishes of the others on the workshop. After all, they may well not be looking for the same image as you. Above all, have fun, that’s what it’s all about.